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Start building your knowledge of Maui’s real estate market (prices and current market conditions) so you can enjoy the rich and relaxing lifestyle that owning property on Maui has to offer you.


Maui’s “Secret Beach” located in Makena, is often used for small intimate weddings.


Home prices vary dramatically on Maui as you can imagine…small condominiums that people often purchase as vacation rentals in the $200k’s up to some of the most expensive oceanfront property in the United States.

Can you make your Maui Dream come true?


With planning…yes!

We’ll work closely with you to transform your dream into a reality. Depending on your situation your dream is just a matter of finding the right property, or it could take time to make your Maui dream happen, we’re here the entire way.


Where to start…

I’ll be providing a guide that lists the steps my wife and I took to make moving to Maui our reality – we enjoyed living on Maui for 11 years full time, you could too.  Provide your information in the form below and I’ll be sending out the “Maui Dreamer’s Guide”, One Step At A Time.

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